Using Instagram As A Marketing Tool

You can become an expert on Instagram with these eight easy steps:


1.     Create your story

Decide on a visual theme and use it consistently.

2. Create your content

Use high-resolution photos and third-party editing apps to enhance your photos. Use a mix of Instagram filters and no filters.

3. Put yourself out there.

Share with the world. Keep in mind that the best days to post are Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. Use a mix of brand specific hashtags, industry specific hashtags, and trending hashtags (#tbt = takebacktime or throwbackthursday, for example).

4. Break down your platform barriers

Share your Instagram on Facebook. Tweet it on Twitter. Mix your online communities.

5. Nurture a clear following

Use unique hashtags to find your niche.

6. Engage with your followers

Like and comment on popular photos. @mention the creator and commenters. Follow the 5/3/1 rule.

7. Reward your followers with coupons, contests, or previews of upcoming events

8. Watch it grow

Put these steps to practice, be patient and the good results will show. Pretty soon, your Instagram following will grow and you’ll be building brand awareness in no time.


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